We are AM Consulting

Our goal is to provide the best service, optimizing ROI, maintain constant contact with our client and feel part of them is the key of our company. We optimize and minimize investment, helping to increase the visibility of our clients companies in their target audience.

Who we are

We are professional, innovative, solid, dynamic, flexible and we adapt to change. Committed and highly professional team. Opportunities for professional development. Balance between professional and personal life.


Founder / CEO


Visual / UX & UI Designer


Communication / Cultural Organizational


Integrated Marketing Specialist


Global Expansion Specialist


The marketing seen from the vanguard and innovation. Graphic design service is a step beyond, we gather together as primarily a creative team in communication and design, coordinated and managed by specialized marketing consultants.


We define the company strategy and positioning of each business unit to build a roadmap that allows our customers to grow rapidly and stable or consolidate as leaders in their area. We work with different strategic actions to adapt to the needs of each of our customers, from aspects related to communication, to sales or market study. Promote solutions to companies that want to gain visibility in both international and domestic markets. Facilitating the companies to apply their differentiated value propositions that increase the positioning in the minds of potential customers.


Specializing in new business expansion in digital. The consultant team is responsible for planning, developing and to boost your online sales and coordinating the various channels to generate the appropriate synergies that allow maximum profitability. A preliminary study of the situation to further advise on choosing the most suitable for investment in digital, the choice of the platform or the required functionality.


Increase your sales and improve your business performance through a comprehensive service: Strategy, Graphic Design, Marketing Online and offline.

Corporate / Internal Communication

Identification of internal communication needs and communication strategies


Internal business reputation management.

Working environment

Organizational Development

Competency assessment.

Elaboration of job profiles and functions manual.

Staff selection.

Identification of training needs and management.

Career development.

How we work.

1 Our job is to define the company strategy and positioning of each business unit, defining the business model and future growth. To do this we define scenarios analysis, defining strategies of consolidation, growth and strategic alternatives. And we define the path of strategic development, identifying the objectives and milestones.

2 All summarized in Strategic Plan: Portfolio Strategy Business Units (Business portfolio) Feasibility plans, Growth Innovation Models, Digital Strategy, Marketing Plan, Marketing Operations, Business Intelligence Management.

3 Action plan. Investment and estimated results: Using tools that estimate the results as the initial investment.